Surviving the startup adventure

16 Dec 2019

This article is published in Contact Magazine.

Thinking of an entrepreneurial career in the ever-growing startup world? Follow the advice of a young UQ graduate, who is creating positive change through her sustainable venture idea

Ashley Baxter had been down so many career paths she feared she was getting lost.

From psychology to business to IT, Baxter (Bachelor of Business Management / Bachelor of Information Technology ’18) found her true calling through the UQ’s Ventures program.

She is now the founder of a startup known as EarthOffset, which is building the technology to make the world more sustainable through the power of compost.

Here is her advice to budding entrepreneurs hoping to make their dreams a reality.

Passion is everything

Ask yourself, “What is the reason I’m doing this?” Answer honestly, too – don’t just give the answer you would give to other people. If fame and fortune is the reason, maybe try Hollywood. Being truly passionate about your venture is fundamentally important. It’s what gets you through everything – every setback, every disbeliever, every rejection.

As things pick up speed, I’m starting to get just slightly terrified. What if I make a mistake, what if I disappoint the team, what if I waste the amazing opportunities I’ve been given? I ask myself these questions every day, and the only thing that keeps me going is passion. EarthOffset has become the reason I get out of bed in the morning.

If you aren’t passionate about your venture, why the hell would anyone else be?

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