Many students from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, both undergraduate and postgraduate, will undertake an individual capstone thesis course in the final year of their program (degree).

The following pages will help you navigate the thesis process.

1. Choosing your thesis topic

Thesis project information session

The School will hold an information session covering many common question for students starting their Thesis Project course.

The upcoming information sessions are as follows:

Semester 2, 2024

Topic:EECS Thesis Information Session Sem 2, 2024
Time:Session 1: Wednesday 22 May 2024 12:00PM AEST 
Session 2: Wednesday 17 July 2024 12:00PM AEST 

Session 1: Room 14-219 (Sir Llew Edwards Building)
Session 2: TBA

Semester 1, 2025

Topic:EECS Thesis Information Session Sem 1, 2025
Time:Session 1: Wednesday 23 Oct 2024 12:00PM AEST 


Project offerings

There are two types of project on offer: specialised thesis projects are offered by individual academics (and often align with that academic’s research expertise and interests), and are conducted under the supervision of that individual. They are usually only suitable for a small number of students (i.e. one or two). In contrast, super thesis projects are broad thesis topics aligned to the School’s research areas. It is possible for many students to undertake the same super thesis project at the same time, and these topics are supervised by an academic team. Regardless of the type of project selected, all thesis projects are individual, and the assessment items are the same.

Each semester, topics (both specialised and super) are advertised on the Faculty's Project Database (remember to ensure the correct semester of commencement has been selected, i.e. Semester 1 2024, and filter by 'EECS'). You can search on a number of parameters to help you discover topics that interest you. Feel free to approach potential supervisors to ask more about their projects or to suggest topics of you own. 

Note that some project courses are only available by permission or under special circumstances. See the thesis course listing for details.

Explore the School by research area, School research staff by research group, or visit Contact to search by staff member. 

Project allocation

Once students have reviewed the thesis project topics on offer (either at the information session, or via the project database), they need to consult directly with their prospective supervisors. It is highly recommended that students consult with a variety of prospective supervisors as early as possible as there is always high demand for projects and supervisors. Students are responsible for following up with a prospective supervisor if they have not had a response after 5 business days. When contacting prospective supervisors, please include the information as per this template (DOCX, 14.3 KB).

Project allocations are made directly by supervisors once a successful consultation with a student has taken place – a supervisor makes an allocation by assigning a student to a project in the project database. Students should check their allocation in the Project Database and contact EECS Thesis Enquiries ( if their supervisor has not allocated them into the database by the end of Week 2.