The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) Industry Advisory Board (IAB) provides independent, external and commercially-orientated advice to the School of EECS.

The Board consists primarily of industry members, and is drawn from industry, government and professional organisations with a record of hiring EECS graduates or with a reasonable expectation of hiring such graduates in the future.

Members have technical qualifications or equivalent experience that is compatible with the focus of the board.

Representation on the board matches, as closely as possible, the range of industries in which EECS graduates are employed.

The functions of the Advisory Board are:

  1. Advise on the overall School strategy and its implementation, particularly in terms of industry/corporate engagement, impact, business development, external environment; identity and external image of the School, flagship research activities.
  2. Review and advise the School on its curriculum to meet graduate and industry needs.
  3. Act as a sounding board for new ideas and developments in the School.
  4. Provide appropriate and constructive challenges to assumptions and operating routines of the School.
  5. Help establish and develop the School’s position within networks of practice, locally, nationally and internationally.
  6. Be a champion for the school externally.

The principal point of contact between the School and the Industry Advisory Board is the Head of School. The School Manager, the Deputy Head of School (Teaching and Learning), the Deputy Head of School (Research) and the Deputy Head of School (External Engagement) also have a standing invitation to meetings of the Advisory Board, in order to ensure tight linkage between the School’s external advisors and the School’s executive staff.

    The Board meets at least four times a year.

    External members

    • Mr Neil Readshaw (Chair), Anonyome Labs
    • Ms Cristina Cifuentes, Oracle Labs Australia
    • Mr Rowan Gilmore, EM Solutions
    • Mr Stephen Hudson, Boeing
    • Ms Sue Keay, Founder and Chair of Robotics Australia Group
    • Ms Alexandra Price, Energy Queensland
    • Mr Rob Wood, Stryker

    EECS internal members

    • Professor Michael Brünig, Head of School, EECS
    • Dr Sarah Flaim, (Acting) School Manager, EECS
    • Professor Markus Barth, Deputy Head of School, Research, EECS
    • Associate Professor Peter Sutton, Deputy Head of School, Teaching and Learning, EECS
    • Professor Ryan Ko, Deputy Head of School, External Engagement, EECS