One-Day Face-to-Face Oils for Application in Transformers and Tap Changers: CPD Course

16 February 2024 8:30am5:00pm
This one-day face-to-face course will bring industry professionals together for dialogue and sharing of knowledge to better understand oils for transformer and tap changer applications and testing thereof. This course will deliver the theoretical background information necessary along with practical experience from industry experts to understand the issues of oils and their application in a modern power system. This course is aimed at procurement, asset strategies, operations and maintenance managers and engineers in generation, transmission and distribution, renewables manufacturing mining industrial and infrastructure organisations.

Renewable Energy Integration: CPD Course

31 January 2024 8:30am1 February 2024 5:00pm
This two-day face-to-face course will bring industry professionals together for dialogue and knowledge sharing to better understand the renewable energy technologies and their integration regarding renewable generator modelling, control techniques, frequency and voltage regulation aligning with grid codes.

Introduction to the Fundamentals of Power Systems: CPD Course

29 January 2024 8:30am30 January 2024 5:00pm
This two-day face-to-face course will bring industry professionals together for dialogue and sharing of knowledge to better understand the fundamentals of power systems along with its modelling and operational aspects.

Multimodal Recommender Systems: Threats and Countermeasures in the Generative AI Era

15 December 2023 2:00pm
This research introduces a corresponding attack method to uncover the actual vulnerabilities within recommender systems.

Database integration in multidatabase systems

8 November 2023 11:45am
In this session, I will provide an overview of database integration, including the motivation, problem definition, important tasks and real-world examples.

Measurement, Scales, Averages, Meaningfulness

7 November 2023 10:00am
In this talk, we will introduce the fundamental notions about scales of measurement and meaningfulness, and we will show how they apply to IR evaluation measures.

Innovation Showcase 2023

2 November 2023 4:00pm7:00pm
Don't miss the 2023 Innovation Showcase, a unique opportunity for EECS students to showcase their end of year projects to industry partners and the UQ community.

On using language models for relevance labelling

16 October 2023 2:00pm
Speaker: Dr Paul Thomas, Microsoft
We report on experiments using GPT-4, a recent large language model, to label documents for relevance.

Igniting Innovation: How Queensland's AI Hub Fuels Growth and Opportunity

20 September 2023 3:00pm
Speaker: Toni Peggrem
Are you interested in the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in Queensland? Join us for an exclusive one-hour talk into the Queensland AI Hub.

Towards Cost-Efficient Federated Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning with Learnable Aggregation

20 September 2023 1:00pm
Speaker: Yi Zhang
We introduce a client-server framework designed to fortify MARL in real-world scenarios, achieving scalability, parallelization, and privacy preservation.

Immersive Data Visualisation and Interactive AI

20 September 2023 1:00pm
Speaker: Dr Maxime Cordeil (University of Queensland)
In this talk I will first briefly introduce my previous work in Immersive Analytics, which includes the visualisation of abstract and 3D data in multiple XR scenarios.

Enhancing Vision-and-Language Navigation with Multi-modal Prompts

20 September 2023 12:00pm
Speaker: Haodong Hong
Our research introduces a novel task, Vision-and-Language Navigation with Multi-modal Prompts (VLN-MP), in which instructions consist of both natural language and images as prompts.

Towards Robustness: Boosting Approaches for Learning from Positive and Unlabeled Data

19 September 2023 2:00pm
Speaker: Yawen Zhao
By overcoming three key challenges, we aim to work towards PU boosting methods which have superior performance alongside computational efficiency and minimal dependence on hyperparameter tuning.

Model Selection and Model Generalizability of Deep Neural Networks

19 September 2023 2:00pm
Speaker: Ekaterina Khramtsova
In this research, we explore various methods for assessing the generalisability of Deep Neural Networks on OOD samples within different scenarios, namely for model selection and for performance estimation.

Empowering Foundation Models for Unsupervised Bi-Temporal Analysis in Satellite Imagery

14 September 2023 11:30am
Speaker: Yiyun Zhang
In this study, we propose novel unsupervised approaches for BTRS analysis, specifically focusing on change and damage detection in buildings, without the need to use any annotations.

Graph Neural Networks for Large Dynamic Graphs

13 September 2023 1:00pm
Speaker: Yanping Zheng (DATA61-CSIRO)
My research focuses on improving the scalability and expressiveness of dynamic graph neural networks.

Generating data-driven continuous optimization problems for benchmarking

8 September 2023 11:00am
Speaker: Sara Hajari
In this research, a detailed exploration of problem instance generation is carried out, and possible ways this approach can be used in benchmarking practice are discussed.

Trustworthy Recommendation under Limited Data

7 September 2023 11:00am
Speaker: Chenhao Zhang
My research aims to improve recommendation systems in low-data scenarios, benefiting small and medium-sized companies and responding to public emergencies.

Machine learning guided scientific experiments

6 September 2023 3:00pm
Speaker: Cheng Soon Ong, Data61, CSIRO
The AI hype claims that everything can be solved by AI. The reality is that while there are many exciting advances in recent years, many open problems remain.

Automating Expertise in Format Identification: From Experts, Through Novices, to Machines

4 September 2023 12:30pm
Speaker: Shaochen Yu
As the role of data amplifies in decision-making, our methodologies promise efficient and streamlined solutions in format identification.

On the Role of Human and Machine Metadata in Crowdsourced Data Annotation

4 September 2023 11:00am
Speaker: Jiechen Xu
The process of data annotation, also referred to as data labeling, is a crucial step in various research fields like machine learning and behavioral studies.

Generalized Out-of-distribution Detection: Theory and Algorithm

23 August 2023 1:00pm
Speaker: Dr Zhen Fang (University of Technology Sydney)
In this talk, we will present the latest advancements in OOD detection theory, and OOD detection algorithms.

A Study on Practical Bluetooth Map-matching

22 August 2023 11:00am
Speaker: Zichun Zhu

Progressive Image generation between large gap domains with hierarchical disentangled representations

17 August 2023 10:00am
Speaker: Tianren Wang
This project will study the explicit form of a latent space to make the learning process more accurate and interpretable.

How to Detect Out-of-Distribution Data in the Wild? Challenges, Research Progress and Path Forward

16 August 2023 10:00am
Speaker: Sharon Yixuan Li (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
I will introduce a new algorithmic framework, which jointly optimizes for both accurate classification of ID samples, and reliable detection of OOD data.