The EECS Learning Centre casual academics are not tied to any particular course but instead are able to provide help in a wide range of courses, particularly first and second year courses offered within EECS. These are typically courses that start with the prefix CSSE, INFS, DECO and COMP. 

This help is not intended as a replacement for course activities such as lectures and tutorials.

The kind of help given is mostly of a high-level nature, such as:

  • how to approach an assignment,
  • how to decompose a problem,
  • how to approach debugging,
  • getting a handle on theory/practice.

The EECS Learning Centre casual academics are not there to debug student's assignment code for them, but may help students in thinking about how to approach an assignment or in providing guidance on how they can debug their own code.

During the semester, they can typically be found in room 78-204A and a timetable of their availability is posted on the door.

More information (including availability) is available via