The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has developed its own guidelines around student misconduct.

These guidelines explain in detail the concepts of academic merit, plagiarism, collusion and other misconduct so you can avoid actions that could lead to penalties.

By avoiding and reporting misconduct, students can help to uphold the academic standards of the University and the value of their qualifications.

You're strongly encouraged to familiarise yourself with the guidelines here and the UQ policy and guidelines available on Student Integrity and Misconduct.  


1. Compulsory Academic Integrity Tutorial (online)

The UQ Academic Integrity Online Tutorial explains why academic integrity is a core value of UQ and why it matters to you as a UQ student.

The tutorial is compulsory for all UQ students.

A link to the tutorial website is displayed when you log into mySI-net.

The tutorial takes about 30 minutes to complete and covers topics that you may not be aware of, such as auto- or self-plagiarism, collusion and when to reference sources.

Find more information on the tutorial on the UQ Library website.