Introduction to the Fundamentals of Power Systems: CPD Course

Mon 29 Jan 2024 8:30amTue 30 Jan 2024 5:00pm


University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus, Brisbane, Queensland

Power, Energy & Control Engineering Discipline at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), University of Queensland (UQ) is pleased to announce a two-day face-to-face CPD course in Brisbane focusing on the fundamentals of power systems. This course will deliver the theoretical background information necessary along with the “hands-on” experience through industry standard simulation platforms and experimental test benches to understand the fundamentals of power systems. This course is aimed at engineers/professionals from both electrical and non-electrical background working on power systems, specifically for the personnel from industries aligned with power system planning, operation, management, and maintenance.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn the basics of power system like phasor diagrams, per-unit, three phase source and load connections, and power calculations.
  • Understand the modelling of power system components like generator, transmission line, load, transformer, etc.
  • Learn about the transmission line compensation techniques and distribution line voltage compensation techniques.
  • Be informed of the Y-bus matrix and power system load flow analysis technique. • Understand the theory, modelling, and operation of synchronous machines.


The presenters are the academic experts from the University of Queensland (UQ) as given below.

  • Prof. Tapan Saha is a Professor of Electrical Engineering in the School of EECS at UQ and the leader of Power, Energy and Control Engineering discipline.
  • Dr Ruifeng (Richard) Yan is a senior lecturer in the School of EECS at UQ and was an ARC DECRA fellow.
  • Dr. Phuong Nguyen is a postdoctoral research fellow with the School of EECS at UQ. • Dr. Bonu Ramesh Naidu is a postdoctoral research fellow with the School of EECS at UQ

Who should attend

  • Young engineers just starting out in their career in power system and engineers from other backgrounds.
  • Consultants and designers in the power system, renewables, manufacturing, mining, industrial and infrastructure groups.

Practical Component

The course will have a half-day simulation (through industry standard software) and practical component at the end of each day, giving attendees the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with some of the concepts discussed during the course.


$1600 + GST per person

Registrations close 6pm 17 January 2024 (Unless all places are filled earlier).


Room S-202

Hawken Engineering Building (50)

Staff House Road

The University of Queensland

St Lucia, Brisbane, Queensland

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