This workshop is relevant to anyone wanting to learn about minimising security risks in the software they develop or manage.

Secure Coding Practices and Automated Assessment Tools Workshop

Fri 24 May 2019 9:00am

Every service you deploy is a window from the outside world into your data centre and can be exploited by an attacker. With the incredible growth of web, cloud and grid services, security is fast becoming even more critical and simply securing your network is no longer enough.

By attending our Secure Coding Practices and Automated Assessment Tools one-day workshop, you will: 

  • learn to assess security issues during software development
  • develop critical skills used by software developers and analysts to secure code
  • get hands-on and practice techniques for writing secure code
  • learn about and practice with tools to support the secure development process
  • be better prepared to assess your business' secure automated practices

The University of Queensland is excited to be hosting Professor Barton Miller and Professor Elisa Heymann from the University of Wisconsin to deliver this workshop for the first time in Australia. Professor Miller is known as "the father of fuzzing", and is a pioneer in the field of automated software robustness testing.Early bird pricing closes 6 May 2019.

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