The Design Computing Studio Exhibit is an opportunity for students from our design computing studio courses to showcase the projects they have worked on over the course of the semester.

First-year students from Design Computing Studio I - Interactive Technology (DECO1800) will be displaying web-based interactive applications that explore how open government datasets can be presented, combined, and visualised in meaningful ways. These applications were created in teams in response to themes including ‘public spaces’, ‘inner city transport’, ‘flora and fauna’, ‘emergency response’, and ‘circular economy’.

Students of the capstone course Design Computing Studio 3 - Build (DECO3801) will showcase projects including applications that explore the limits of deep learning models, systems that allow textures to be translated into music, and immersive 3D experiences that attempt to replicate the experience of dreams.

Digital Health Software Project (COMP3820) students will display digital healthcare applications that they have developed in collaboration with CSIRO Australian e-Health Research Centre, Georgia Tech University (USA) and UQ Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences.

Design Computing Studio Exhibit

Wed 26 Oct 2022 9:00am6:00pm


The University of Queensland, St Lucia
UQ Union Complex Building (21A)