Lingodroids are language learning robots that play location language games to construct shared lexicons for places, distances, and directions.

They invent their own words for space and time through structured conversations:

  • Toponymic lexicon - the robots play where-are-we games, in which they name the current location, to form a typonymic lexicon, where toponyms are names for places.
  • Testing a toponymic lexicon - they can test their toponymic lexicon by playing go-to games, in which they attempt to meet at a distant location
  • Generative games - once they have a toponymic lexicon, they can expand their concepts by playing generative games to form concepts for distances and directions.

The Lingodroids project was funded by the Australian Research Council Discovery Project "Talking with Robots: Evolving Grounded Language for Embodied Agents" (Wyeth and Wiles, 2009-2011)

Lingodroids playing a location language game

Toponymic Language


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