Security, Privacy, and Forensics Aspects of AI-generated Multimedia (SPF-MM2024) Workshop

AI-generated media, such as deepfake, synthetic images, etc. is now a reality. There are many open-source and commercial tools available to create almost perfect deepfake videos.

The deepfake methods have matured to the point that it is now possible to create deepfake videos from a single image, such as a profile photo, of a person. Similarly, AI-based synthetic image creation has also advanced at a rapid speed. It is now possible to create very natural-looking artificial images. These AI-generated media have both negative and positive impacts on security and privacy. For example, deepfakes are increasingly used for fake news, hate speech, financial fraud, etc. On the other hand, on a positive note, AI-generated media can be useful for privacy preservation, such as using synthetic images as proxies. 

This workshop aims to bring researchers and scientific communities to discuss the pros and cons of AI-generated media on security and privacy. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • AI-generated media for financial fraud.
  • AI-generated media for hate speech.
  • AI-generated media for creating explicit content.
  • AI-generated media for fake news.
  • Privacy preservation using AI-generated media.
  • Identity theft using AI-generated media.
  • Methods to detect AI-generated media.
  • Impact of AI-generated media on society. 
  • Use of AI-generated media on security and privacy education

Location: San Jose, CA, USA
Dates: Aug 7, 2024 - Aug 9, 2024