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Booking a Venue for your Seminar

  1. If you are presenting in person, you can check availability and book a room using UQ Book It. If you need help to book a venue, please contact the Operations Team.
  2. If your seminar is online, or it's a hybrid presentation, please create a Zoom webinar link.

Requesting a Seminar Announcement

When convening a seminar, please provide the following information to the Operations Team via email:

  • Seminar title and abstract
  • Speaker name, organisation / affiliation and short biography
  • Time and Date, and duration of talk
  • Venue including Zoom link if applicable
  • EECS host - a member of EECS should agree to host the seminar to look after the speakers and to introduce the speaker at the start of the seminar
  • Seminar type (e.g. PhD confirmation, research, guest)


EECS Operations Team
e: oradmin@eecs.uq.edu.au