Upcoming seminars

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Booking a seminar

When convening a seminar, please provide the following information to the Seminar Coordinator via email:

  • Seminar title and abstract
  • Speaker name, organisation / affiliation and short biography
  • Time
  • ITEE host - a member of ITEE should agree to host the seminar to look after the speakers and to introduce the speaker at the start of the seminar
  • Seminar type (e.g. PhD confirmation, research)
  • Duration of talk - please advise the Seminar Coordinator if the seminar is less than 1 hour duration

Preferred seminar times and locations

  1. You can check and book a room using the ITEE room booking system or
  2. Send a list of your preferred times and dates to the Seminar Coordinator to organise for you or
  3. Use a slot in the block booking:
    1. Thursday 10am-12pm, Room 49-502
    2. Friday 11am-1pm, Room 49-502

Contact details

Seminar Coordinator: Diana Cassidy
e: d.cassidy@uq.edu.au
p: 07 336 51191