Robo-talent on show at UQ

21 Aug 2018

More than 500 aspiring robot programmers battled it out at the annual Robocup Junior Queensland Championships, earlier this month.

The event took place at The University of Queensland as part of National Science Week, students taking part in a wide-range of robotic challenges.

The two-day championships featured intricate and fast-paced robots, costumes and dance performances, attracting a crowd of nearly 3,000 people.

Students spent months preparing to compete and show the rest of the state their engineering and technological marvels.

Throughout the championship students worked to improve their robot creations and strategies, with plenty of soldering, building and tactic-talking taking place.

Several leading technology companies – including CSIRO’s Data 61, Freelance Robotics, Boeing and BHP – were also in attendance, giving students an insight into careers in robotics and technology.

The Robocup Junior Australian Open Championship will be held in Melbourne in October. 


OnStage Novice

1st - Barbie Girls (Somerville House - SOUTH BRISBANE, QLD)

2nd - Sheldon College Tech Wizards Dance (Sheldon College)

3rd - Hoola Girls (Kimberley Park State School)


OnStage Experienced

1st - Legosity (Redcliffe State High School)

2nd - Rob The Builder (Somerville House - SOUTH BRISBANE, QLD)

3rd - SB Money Makers (Somerville House - SOUTH BRISBANE, QLD)


Rescue Line Primary

1st - Stemina Bacon & Eggs (Chancellor State College)

2nd - Roboracers (Iona College)

3rd - Kenmore Krush3rs 2.0 (Kenmore State School)


Rescue Line Secondary

1st - Koding King (Brisbane Boys College)

2nd - Coding Co. (Brisbane Boys College)

3rd - Space Bar (Brisbane Boys College)


Rescue Line Open

1st - Marvin (Ormiston College)

2nd - FaceHugger (Alexandra Hills State High School)

3rd - For Antony (Brisbane Boys' College)


Rescue Maze

1st Potato Heroes (Kimberley Park State School)

2nd A.M.A. (QASMT)

3rd S.O.S. (Kimberley Park State School)


Soccer Open division

1st – Team APEX (Brisbane Boys’ College)

2nd - H010n0m1c (Independent)

3rd – HAX (Ormiston College)


Soccer Lightweight division

1st – M&A (Brisbane Boys’ College)

2nd – Deus Vult (Brisbane Boys’ College)

3rd – Somerville Stars (Somerville House)


Soccer Standard League

1st – iBis (Brisbane Boys’ College)

2nd – FLC HotShots (Faith Lutheran College)

3rd – Dragons (St Oliver Plunkett Primary School)

More information about Robocup Jr Australia can be found here: