Taking flight with technology for tomorrow

17 Sep 2018

As a university in the world’s top 50, UQ has a long history of collaborating with government and business partners to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

Our longstanding partnerships with industry giants like Boeing and Qantas are no exception, allowing UQ research to reach new heights and develop technologies that are set to transform the global aviation industry.

From research into unmanned aircraft and sustainable fuel, to drones and scramjets, UQ researchers are proving the sky’s no longer the limit on what our research can achieve, with applications for space and beyond.

And our researchers are set to make even greater advances in aerospace with the establishment of the Boeing Research and Technology Australia Centre at UQ’s St Lucia campus.

Bringing together Boeing and UQ researchers, this mutually beneficial centre marks the first time in the Asia-Pacific region that Boeing has co-located its research within a university, showing the high esteem in which UQ’s staff, students and graduates are held within the industry.

Covering diverse research fields including engineering, human movements, neuroscience, chemistry, physics and psychology, the centre will provide even more opportunities for collaboration, with the innovations and expertise generated set to yield important benefits for society globally.

And Boeing is just one of the many partners UQ is working with to see our research take flight . . .

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