Leader of Influence champions change

17 Oct 2018

Powering a global environment of inclusion will be the focus of a keynote address at a UQ Leaders of Influence event in Melbourne on 30 October.

Dow Chemical Company executive Louis Vega will draw on more than 20 years of experience to share his insights in the Alumni Talk Series.

Mr Vega, who is President and Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, and Vice-President, Olympic & Sports Solutions, said diversity and inclusion were imperative to business growth.

“Inclusion and diversity in the workplace lead to better collaboration and innovation, resulting in more opportunities for all staff and better business performance,” he said.

“I’m a passionate advocate for equality for all and I strive to showcase the power of diversity by bringing my whole self to work, while helping others to do the same.

“Successful workplaces don’t just accept or encourage diversity – they strive for inclusivity and they elevate individual backgrounds, experience, knowledge and skills as part of workplace success.”

In addition to his commitments at Dow, Mr Vega is on the Board of Directors for both the USA-based GLAAD and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute, where he helps drive LGBT+ equality across the globe.

In Australia, he is a member of Male Champions of Change.

Mr Vega will also speak about Dow’s successes in using sports partnerships to highlight the company’s research and development innovations, as well as customers’ market share growth.

He will also discuss how the company has addressed global challenges such as carbon emissions.

The 'Leaders of Influence' Series engages high-calibre industry leaders to present to UQ alumni, community and industry on issues affecting Australian and global engineering, architecture and IT companies.

Registrations can be made at the Leaders of Influence website.

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