Data Scientist wins prestigious ARC Future Fellowship

1 Sep 2021

Congratulations to School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Associate Professor Hongzhi Yin for receiving a prestigious ARC Future Fellowship award.  

The Hon Alan Tudge MP, Minister for Education and Youth announced 93million in funding is to be awarded to outstanding mid-career researchers conducting research for the benefit of Australia. 

A/Prof Yin will receive funding to pursue and support his project that aims to tackle the challenging problem of personalised predictive analytics with resource-constrained personal devices and massive-scale data. 

"I am quite excited and grateful to receive this prestigious award. Thanks to all the support from the university, my collaborators and PhD students."

Personalised predictive analytics is frontier research that will position Australia at the forefront of AI and will give business the tools needed to deploy innovative business systems for market exploitation with a secure, equitable and competitive advantage. 

"The idea of this project is to develop a learning scheme that is lightweight enough to work with all manner of personal devices and fast enough to work in real-time without the need of a central server or cloud."

"Many business use-case applications, such as a mobile recommender system for personal decision-making support, and a real-time personalised health care system with functions like early disease diagnosis, condition monitoring and personalised treatment recommendations." 

"For mobile recommender systems, the capability of deploying personalized recommendation services directly on users' smart devices instead of on the cloud or central servers, can boost the services' timeliness and information security while achieving user satisfaction with personalized experience."

A/Prof Yin says accurate personal predictive analytics will help a wide range of businesses improve their operations and deliver more personalised and nuanced products, online experiences, and services.

"For business, a major application of personal predictive analytics is mobile targeted advertising and recommendation systems (often used in combination with chatbots), it's playing a critical role in improving online user experiences and engagement and can be the key to successful mobile retailing."

The commercialisation potential of A/Prof Yin's research is significant. Exploring, understanding and predicting users’ tastes and demands in real-time can provide critical intelligence to businesses from one end of the supply chain to the other. 

"Brands can improve their product designs and develop new products to suit specific markets. Retailers and service industries, like tourism, entertainment and health, can provide frontline interfaces to consumers that are unimaginable today."