UQ Interaction Design Exhibit 2022
Thursday 2 June
1 to 7pm
Forecourt, Andrew N. Liveris Building (46)

User experience design, or UX, is changing the way we connect with products, services and each other!

Experience new ways to interact with digital technology in this rapidly evolving field at the 2022 UQ Interaction Design Exhibit.

What's on

This year, UQ will again host interactive prototypes developed by Bachelor of Information Technology (User Experience Design major) and Master of Interaction Design students from the Physical Computing and Interaction Design Studio course.

In this design computing project, students explore the theme 'Future Everyday: Novel Interactions for Near Future Technologies' - and reimagine opportunities for technology in our everyday lives.

Focusing on this theme through imagination, creativity and inspired by science fiction, students will design concepts for novel technology-mediated experiences that uphold, reveal and explore human values (e.g. emotional intelligence, creative learning, and sustainability) in specific contexts – think Internet of Things, tangible interaction and persuasive technology.

Don't miss this great opportunity to see how UQ's future user experience design professionals bridge the gap between the physical and digital world.


To manage attendee numbers and public health (COVID-19) requirements, we are offering both an afternoon and an evening session so that as many people can safely experience this year's exhibition.

Session 1:
1 to 4pm, open to all, including high-school students and external visitors 

Session 2: 
5 to 7pm, open to VIPs and external visitors (drinks and nibbles provided) 

Key health messages:

  1. Our campuses are open and operating under COVID safe conditions.

  2. Please stay at home if you are unwell.

  3. If you become unwell during the event, please notify an event staff member who will escort you to the first aid officer for assessment.
  4. Maintaining physical distancing requirements is the responsibility of each attendee, please ensure you stay 1.5m away from other attendees during the event unless in allocated seating.
  5. There will be enhanced public health measures in place at the event to monitor the health and safety of all attendees.
  6. Please do not attend the event in-person if
    > you are waiting for a COVID-19 test result
    > you have been in close contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19
    > you are positive for COVID-19
    > you have had a fever, cough, sore throat, headache, distorted sense of taste, shortness of breath, chills, vomiting, or any cold/flu-like symptoms in the last 72 hours 

About UQ Interaction Design Exhibit

Don’t miss this great opportunity to see how UQ's future user experience design professionals bridge the gap between the physical and digital world!


Andrew N. Liveris Building (46)
The University of Queensland
St Lucia