Researcher biography

Human-centred design of digital technology

Marie is an Interaction Design researcher and educator in the School of IT & Electrical Engineering. Her main research interest is in social robotics and design of technology to support teaching and learning. Marie's research focus is on how we can design technology to support and improve our everyday activities involving teaching and learning. With over 10 years of expertise on design of technology for teaching and learning, Marie collaborates closely with users in co-design and participatory design projects. She works with both quantitative and qualitative methods such as observational and immersive field studies, interviews, iterative design and prototyping. Triangulating results from different methods with the aim of producing design that will impact the users positively and for the long-term. Her research has been recognized with a Digital Disrupter award by Australian Computer Society in 2017. Marie's expertise on the Technologies Curriculum is also acknowledges by the Department of Education Queensland who invited her for talks and expert advice on new Technology curriculum content.

Marie is a member of ITEE's External Engagement committee. Marie is very invested in external engagement with industry and schools, she has over 10 ten years of experience from organising outreach programs for primary and high school students in STEM subjects. Marie's work in the outreach work was awarded in 2011 with a Rising Star by Women in Technology and a Highly commended award for Best Higher Education Program for Ladies by Australian Women in Security in 2020.

Areas of research