The School of EECS is responsible for implementing and maintaining occupational health and safety standards and practices in laboratories and teaching facilities under its control.

The guidelines below apply to all practical classes at The University of Queensland that involve practices, procedures or substances which could affect the health and safety of students or staff involved in the classes. It applies to all undergraduate students. The University recognises that students are considered to be ‘in training’ and as such, safe working practices must be adopted and taken seriously when undertaking laboratory activities.


These guidelines outline:

  • Responsibilities for staff and students
  • Laboratories
  • Health and safety information for students
  • Laboratory safety rules

These guidelines should be read and understood by:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Course Coordinators
  • Practical class coordinators and tutors
  • Technical staff associated with practical classes

To be able to enter laboratories the appropriate Online OH&S Declaration Form must be completed and the UGRD001 - U/G Student Lab safety Induction Assessment must be completed.