Persons failing to comply with the rules outlined here do so at their own risk and may be subject to disciplinary action by the School.

Access and security

  • Persons wishing to enter a Laboratory are required to contact Engineering and Technical Support Group and formally Request Access to the facility before access can be granted.
  • Laboratory supervisors/custodians are to be notified when demonstrations are planned for their laboratories.
  • Students must not enter or remain in a Laboratory outside of Standard Undergraduate Access Hours.
  • Do not loan your smart card to any other person and do not let others into the room on your card.
  • Lost smart cards should be reported immediately to the School Office or security on 3365 1234.
  • You must produce your Student ID Card if asked by a staff member.
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Health and safety

  • Persons wishing to enter a Laboratory with the intention of using the equipment or undertaking a laboratory related task are required to Formally Request Access to the room.
  • You must complete the associated Online OHS Declaration for the room.
  • You must complete the U/G Student Lab Safety Induction Assessment.
  • Persons suffering from any medical condition likely to compromise their own safety or the safety of others whilst in an Engineering Laboratory such as colour blindnessneedle phobia or epilepsy etc, are required to inform the Engineering & Technical Support Manager of the condition before entering a Laboratory.
  • Be aware of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements displayed on signs or as advised.
  • For safety reasons, there must always be at least two people in a Laboratory.
  • Covered footwear must be worn at all times when in a Laboratory.
  • Always obey fire and evacuation alarms and the directions of Fire Wardens.
  • Food and drink is strictly forbidden in all EECS Laboratories. Take a break and leave the room.
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Computing facilities

  • Do not attempt to access another person’s account or allow another person to access your account.
  • Do not access another person’s files without their permission.
  • Do not attempt to access any computer system for which you don’t have a valid account.
  • Do not attempt to circumvent any form of software or hardware protection or resource limits.
  • Do not download or transmit data not directly related to your EECS studies.
  • Do not install unauthorised software or delete and/or modify any School installed software.
  • Do not encrypt any information held in your files.
  • Do not breach the Copyright Act by actions such as reproducing, installing or using unlicensed software.
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Equipment and furniture

  • Do not tamper with furniture or fittings and do not remove or loan Laboratory equipment. Only the Lab Supervisor or the Engineering and Technical Support Manager can authorise equipment removal.
  • Report faulty equipment to the Lab Supervisor or Engineering and Technical Support Manager at the earliest opportunity. Never attempt to repair faulty equipment yourself.
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General cleanliness and further information

  • You are required to keep this facility clean and tidy at all times, if found in any other condition you must advise the Engineering and Technical Support Manager immediately, otherwise you may be held responsible
  • A more comprehensive statement can be found on the EAIT Faculty website.

Persons failing to comply with these rules do so at their own risk and may be subject to disciplinary action by the School.

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Breach of rules: Disciplinary action

If you breach the rules outlined here you will be verbally notified and given reasons why you are in breach, then asked to vacate the lab. You will also be asked to email the ETSG Manager with an explanation for breaching rules.

If this is your first instance of breaching the lab rules, you will receive an email response from the ETSG Manager with a warning that any further breaches will result in a one-week ban from lab. You may then return to the lab.

If you have a previous record of breaching the lab rules, you will receive an email response from the ETSG Manager detailing a one-week ban from the lab and warning that any further breaches will result in either a further ban or disciplinary action via the School Manager.

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