Many students from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, both undergraduate and postgraduate, will undertake an individual capstone thesis course in the final year of their program (degree).

The following pages will help you navigate the thesis process.

2. Enrol in your thesis

Process overview

  1. Enrol in the thesis course appropriate for your EECS program in SI-net. Other EAIT students should contact their School office regarding their thesis requirements. 
  2. Browse the Project Database for suitable topics. Additional projects may be added by supervisors in the weeks leading up to semester.
  3. Contact potential supervisors listed with the topic to discuss topics that interest you, or to propose your own topic.
  4. When you’ve come to an agreement with a supervisor, get them to allocate you to their project in the Project Database

Students should ensure they are enrolled in the appropriate Thesis Project Course for their program by the start of Semester, even if a project and supervisor has not yet been allocated and confirmed.

Thesis course codes to enrol into

The available courses are shown in the table below.

Click on the course code to see the UQ official description of the course along with a link to the latest course profile.

    Single Semester
    Year Long Project
    (start Sem 1)
    Year Long Project
    (start Sem 2)
    BE (Hons)4ENGG4805*

    REIT4841 (was ENGG4811)
    METR4911 (Mechatronic, was METR4900)

    REIT4842 (from Sem 2 2023 onwards)
    ENGG4812 (was ENGG4802)
    METR4912 (Mechatronic, was METR4901)

    BInfTech (Hons)
    BCompSc (Hons)
    BSc (Comp Sc)(Hons)
    8 REIT4881REIT4882
    MCompSc (Man)
    4COMP7840*COMP7811 (was COMP7801)COMP7812 (was COMP7802)
    MEngSc (Man)
    4ENGG7802#ENGG7813 (was ENGG7803)ENGG7814 (was ENGG7804)
    8ENGG7806#ENGG7817* (was ENGG7807)ENGG7818* (was ENGG7808)
    MInfTech (Man)

    * = Only available by permission or in exceptional circumstances. A competitive selection process (with interview) may apply for placement projects.

    # = Not available for Master of Engineering students.

    Courses requiring permission to enrol

    Courses marked with an asterisk (*) above require permission to enrol.

    • Placement project courses require confirmation of an industry project and academic project supervision. Students will need to have a confirmed EECS supervisor and then contact the EAIT Employability team. When this is confirmed, EAIT Employability will contact the EECS Coursework Studies team to assist you with your enrolment permission.
    • Other restricted courses - single semester offerings or larger than normal projects (e.g. #6, #8) - are only available in exceptional circumstances. Enrolment will not be permitted until a project is allocated and the supervisor has agreed that the project is suitable for such enrolment. Students who have obtained a written agreement from a supervisor, should forward this to the Coursework Studies team at to assist with their enrolment permission.