Data Mining and Predictive Analytics is just a part of Responsible Big Data Intelligence, which encompasses a variety of data mining, predictive modelling, and machine learning techniques that analyse current and historical facts to make predictions about future or otherwise unknown events.

Responsible Big Data Intelligence means to develop decentralized, on-device, and trustworthy (e.g., privacy-preserving, robust, explainable and fair) data mining and machine learning techniques with theoretical backbones to better discover actionable patterns and intelligence from large-scale, heterogeneous, networked, dynamic and sparse data.

These actionable patterns will be then integrated with domain knowledge from environment, urban transportation, healthcare, smart grid, E-commerce and marketing to help solve societal, environmental and economic challenges facing humanity, in pursuit of a sustainable future.

A wide variety of successful applications have been achieved such as:

  • mobile recommender systems
  • chatbot
  • sales prediction for supply-chain optimisation
  • user account linkage and multi-view user profiling
  • event detection and tracking
  • rumour detection and argument discovery
  • rare disease prediction
  • on-device Obstructive Sleep Apnea detection and prediction
  • real-time traffic speed prediction
  • passenger demand prediction and passenger-driver matching
  • anomaly detection in decentralized smart grid.