Apart from being good Engineering Practise, providing professional documentation with each project is essential for the following reasons:

  • It allows other to fault find and repair an item with minimum fuss
  • Replacement parts may be easily sourced
  • The build standard and subsequent modifications may be accurately monitored
  • Should another item be required, the very costly and time consuming need to 'reverse engineer' is eliminated
  • This is how things are done in the real world

Format and Examples

Format: A12301a.ext
Where A denotes an ETSG Project, 123 is the project number, 01 is the sub assembly number, a is the issue and .ext is the file extension

Example Project
Shows possible documents required (and their file names) for a project consisting of 3 PCB's associated hardware and software enclosed in a die cast box

Example Schedule
Shows how the associated schedule should appear.  The schedule should list every document or file associated with the project.  The schedule is a mandatory document and should be created for every project.

Example Archiving
Shows where and how to save project files.

  • Printed copies of documents are required for each project
  • They should be placed in a manila folder and sorted in the same order as they appear in the schedule. 
  • Completed project folders are to be kept in the Electronics Engineering Lab (50-S309)

Document Templates

Files are for download only