Key Cabinet Identification

Key cabinets are to be identified using White labels and in the following format 50-S309B-01

Where 50-S309B-01 = The building and room number in which the key cabinet is located
Where 50-S309B-01 = A unique incremental number starting at 01 which refers to the number of key cabinets located in the same room

Format Labels

Labels may be printed using Brother P Touch labellers K117K165 or equivalent using the following significant settings:

Font: HEL
Size: Auto
Width: x1
Style: Normal
Line: Off
Align: Left

Frame: Off
Length: Auto
Cut: Chain
Tab: 50mm

Key Database

Details of keys are to be recorded in the Key Database (G:\etsg\ETSG_GenPurpose\DataBase\ETSG Keys).  Details of all key loans are to be recorded in the Key Database!

Key Tag Identification

Key tags are to be identified using label admin23.docx and in the following format:

key tag identification
Where Ref: 50-S309B-01-19 = The location of the key cabinet in which the key is kept
Where Ref: 50-S309B-01-19 = The number of the key cabinet at the above location
Where Ref: 50-S309B-01-19 = The position inside the cabinet to which the key has been allocated

Where X001/001 = A unique incremental number starting at X001 which refers to a particular key
Where X001/001 = An incremental serial number starting at 001 referring to the number of identical keys which are accounted for

Function = Short description regarding key function

Amendments to Procedure

Inform the Engineering & Technical Support Group Manager at the earliest opportunity if this procedure has , or needs to be altered in any way.