1. Before the semester begins, the Lab Supervisor shall place a toolbox and parts kit in each of the lockers
  2. Each group is allocated one locker for the duration of the semester
  3. At the beginning of the semester, each team must acquire the combination code to their locker padlock from the Lab Supervisor
  4. Before handing over the combination code, the Lab Supervisor shall request each team member to sign the Team Project Lockers - Conditions of Usage Form (PDF, 28.5 KB)
  5. In addition to the equipment, each locker should contain a print-out with the following information attached to the inside of each locker:
    • The conditions outlined in the Team Project Lockers - Conditions of Usage form
    • A complete list of the tools and equipment given to the team at the beginning of the semester, including the replacement cost for each tool
  6. At the end of the semester, during Demo Day, each team must return their toolbox and any other items which were issued to their locker
  7. Soon after Demo Day the Lab Supervisor shall check each locker and make notes of missing equipment, and proceed to contact each team, requesting the return of equipment or payment for the loss of each item

Security and keys

  1. The fiver override keys supplied with the lockers are managed by the ETSG Manager and shall be distributed as follows
  • Engineering & Technical Support Manager - 3 Keys
  • Team Project Lab Supervisor - 1 Key
  • The Course Coordinator / Lecturer - 1 Key
  1. A register for each lock shall be maintained and will list the serial number engraved on the lock, the pin code to the lock and the locker/group number that has been allocated to that lock.  This data shall be kept semester to semester and not deleted at the end of each semester.  The register will be incorporated within the Team Project Expense Spreadsheet.  Unlock codes will only be revealed upon successful entry of a security password.
  2. At the end of each semester and at the discretion of the Lab Supervisor, the padlocks may be randomly cycled through different lockers (including the 20 spare padlocks), thus providing a limited security measure.
  3. Spare padlocks are managed by the Engineering & Technical Support Group Manager

Sourcing & Collecting Components or Parts

  1. Parts should be sourced internally from ETSG if possible
  2. The Course Coordinator shall advise the Engineering & Technical Support Manager of specific items required for the project, and the quantity required, at the earliest opportunity
  3. Items not available internally must be sourced through external suppliers as designated by the Course Coordinator and/or the Engineering & Technical Support Manager.

Internally Sourced Components or Parts

  1. Teams are responsible for sourcing components via the ETSG store web page
  2. Orders are to be "picked" in 50-S309
  3. The Engineering & Technical Support Manager is responsible for maintaining adequate stock levels of components.

Printed Circuit Boards

  1. Submission of printed circuit boards (PCB's) for manufacture must be done via Blackboard link to Pine Cone.
  2. Each printed circuit board must be identified by having the course code and group number placed on the top overlay (e.g. Team Project 2, Group 9 should appear as ENGG3800/09),
  3. By default, team project PCB's are manufactured externally. 
  4. The Lab Supervisor is responsible for managing and ordering all externally manufactured PCB's.
  5. Upon receipt, PCB's are to be sorted and placed in the appropriate locker by the Lab Supervisor at the earliest opportunity.
  6. Incurred costs will be automatically entered into the appropriate team project budget.

Notification of Expenditure

The team project budgets are available on the ETSG web store login page for each team

Amendments to Procedure

Inform the Engineering & Technical Support Manager at the earliest opportunity if this procedure has, or needs to be altered in any way.